Patient Information

A collaboration to
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Heath Care Providers
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When was her last immunization?
IHIN keeps this information accessible where ever your provider needs it. By allowing the secure exchange of data, treatment is streamlined, and opportunity for medical errors is reduced.
Does your provider wait for a fax?
Choose a doctor who uses IHIN, and has access to your medications, allergies, and chronic ailments delivered the moment they are needed.

Remain a part of the IHIN

Having your personal health information available when and where it is needed most - at the point where you need care - is the ultimate goal of Iowa e-Health and the purpose of the Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN).  The IHIN serves as a "hub" that facilitates the secure sharing of electronic patient health information between authorized users.  The IHIN is not a central repository.  Neither health care provider nor patients are required to use the IHIN.  If you choose to opt-out of having your personal information available for sharing, you may do so at any time.  For more information about opting out, please visit the Opt Out page. 

Iowa e-Health aims to improve care, increase security, promote cost savings, streamline treatment, and reduce medical errors through the secure exchange of electronic health information.

Watch this brief video to learn how Iowa's Health Information Network can benefit you and your family!